Check out the answers to some of the most common questions we receive from users
Can DogQ interact with iframe elements?
DogQ is able to dig into an iframe element and interact with the nested content, however if there are multiple iframe elements on the page, DogQ will only be able to interact with the first one (the one at the top of the DOM tree).
Can DogQ interact with Javascript Popups?
There's a reserved word built into DogQ for such interactions: JavascriptPopup. For more detailed instructions, please, check out the designated page.
Can I exclude DogQ traffic from my Google Analytics?
Yes. Please, check out the guide we provide.
Can DogQ bypass CAPCHA?
Yes. For that you can include DogQ to your allow-list. Learn more
Can DogQ provide visuals of different steps in my Scenario?
DogQ can make screenshots of the tested web site at steps of your choice which then can be viewed in Test Run Report. Learn more
Can I add steps between other steps in DogQ?
Once you have at least two steps in your Scenario you can use
buttons to add steps between existing ones in any position you need.
Can DogQ notify me about the progress of my tests?
You can set Email and/or Slack notifications in the Project Settings. Learn more
Can I execute my tests externally?
You can find the Project Token in the Project Settings. Here's a command to trigger execution curl --location --request POST "" --header "TOKEN: your_token"Learn more
I'm a Team Owner. What happens if I delete my account?
In DogQ, a Team Owner's account is the actual holder of the subscription, all Scenarios and related records. Deleting a Team Owner's account will lead to the termination of all that as well as all the team members individual accounts.
If you would like to delete an account that currently has role Owner but save the Scenarios, you can go to Team page and transfer the ownership before deleting the account.
Can I record tests with DogQ
At this point we do not have a proprietary recorder. However, DogQ allows importing Puppeteer scripts in to create tests. Learn more
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