Organizing tests

Explore the tools DogQ offers to help you manage your tests. Learn about copying and moving Scenarios as well as copying entire Modules and Projects. Take advantage of thOptimize your workflow to make

One of the keys to success in automated testing is keeping test suites well-managed as you scale your testing scope. DogQ allows you to copy and move tests between Modules and Projects. You can also copy entire Projects along with all their Modules and Scenarios.

This can be useful in numerous situations, like making back-ups or using existing Scenarios as templates, i.e. copying them to create new ones with preconfigured steps.

Copying and moving Scenarios

You can copy / move individual Scenarios in two ways:

Copying Projects / Modules

DogQ also allows you to copy Modules and even entire Projects with all their tests. Each level of a test suite has its own buttons panel above the list. These buttons perform actions for the entire Module or Project, depending on the level you're at.

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