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Editing tests

Learn about the ways you can edit your Scenarios, e.g. adding Steps between other Steps, reordering Steps as well as the additional instruments you can use inside the Test Editor.

Adding Steps

To add a new Step at the end of your test, click on a
button either on the top or the bottom panel.

Adding Steps between other Steps

Once you have at least two Steps in your Scenario you can use
buttons to add Steps between existing ones in any position you need.

Reordering Steps

To change the position of a Step in a test, you can use the
icon on the left side of a Step to drag'n'drop it over to the position you need.

Deleting Steps

To delete a Step, click on its
button located on the far right side after a Step value.


Every Step has a Screenshot Toggle
next to it. You can choose at which Steps you want DogQ to capture screenshots and store page source code when you run the test.
Screenshots and souce code are stored for a year, unless you delete the test and can be viewed in a Test Run Report.