Discover how to optimize your workflow using Macros in DogQ. This feature allows specific sets of steps to be reused across different scenarios, enhancing the efficiency and readability of your tests.

What is Macro

Macros are pre-defined sets of test steps that can be shared across multiple Scenarios. In other words they are reusable chunks of tests that you can plug into as many Scenarios as you need. A typical example is creating a "precondition" step, e.g., logging in with a specific user before executing the rest of the steps, i.e. the actual test.

Changes made to a Macro will be reflected in all the Scenarios it is used in, allowing for great flexibility and speed when creating a large number of tests. Proactively using Macros make your tests more modular and readable, enabling you to make adjustments to your Scenarios on the fly by simply moving blocks around.

Creating a new Macro

There is a dedicated Macros page you can access from the sidebar. It contains a list of all the Macros you and any Team member have created, making it a Macros management tool.

Optionally, you can bind the new Macro to a Project, which means that you will only be able to use it inside that Project. This will allow you to use filters when managing your Macros, once you have a large number of them.

Inside the new Macro you can add and configure the Scenario steps, just like you would in the Test Editor.

After that, you can add this set of steps to any Scenario with the Use Macro step.

New Macro from Scenario

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