Use Chrome DevTools to record your interactions and import them into your scenarios. Transform recorded scripts into step-by-step test scenarios, making your web testing more accurate and efficient.
It is an advanced feature of DogQ. You can import steps to your scenario using Chrome DevTools.
Using Recorder is a powerful way to create your tests right in the browser. It’s a Chrome built-in feature available to everyone. To use it, you simply need to go to the website that you’re testing, open Developer Tools, select the Recorder tab and start the session:
Click on More options
> More tools > Developer Tools > Recorder.
The tool is going to record your every action, be it a click on an element, a value typed in or a change of URL. When you finish interacting with the site, you stop the recording and save the script in your system. To use the recording with DogQ please Export as a Puppeteer script.
Inside DogQ Test Editor you can use the Import feature to turn your recorded script into a step-by-step test scenario.
Last modified 3mo ago